Welcome to Artec Enterprise! We love supporting the development of life’s most important skills and characteristics in kids and believe in promoting the perfect blend of art and technology in education. Here you’ll find our thoughts and recommendations for the best educational tools and books for kids, teachers, and parents.

There is truly a world of opportunity out there for children in today’s society. Never before has there been so many different careers and lifestyle choices on offer. So when it comes to helping our children learn, there is an array of educational resources like books, toys, games, and learning software. So, where to start?

Kids toys and games to help them develop enterprising skills

Enterprise education

One of the first places to look could be enterprise education resources. Why? Because enterprise education spans a broad range of topics, incorporating both academic skills and character development. As the world of work continues to change, there is more and more emphasis on preparing children for jobs that perhaps don’t even exist yet!

We enjoy sharing our ideas, tips, and resources, which span engineering for kids, motivational and inspirational role models, sports and games amongst many other things. Finding new and interesting ways of helping kids learn should be one of life’s pleasures and a truly rewarding endeavour.


Engineering and computer coding

There are still too few children learning engineering-based subjects and how to programme. In a world so dependent on tech and a society which continues to move away from human inputs and towards automation and robotics, the skills gap continues to widen. For the most part, schools are bound by their curriculum so it takes proactive parents and teachers to introduce children to these important new subjects.

One of our main focuses is to inspire more children to explore these areas. Parents and schools have plenty of opportunities to seek help on engineering and coding, if they look hard enough, but we’re on a mission to continue making them more accessible. Most cities have provisions for additional learning so simply Google “coding clubs” and “learn to code” in your area and you’re certain to find something useful.


Values and character education

It’s not just the hard skills that the next generation must develop to help us close the skills gap. The ability to learn, unlearn and relearn will be crucial for tomorrow’s workforce, so it is the resilience and adaptability required for this that must be instilled in kids today.

Many schools are revisiting character education, which alongside promoting virtuous behaviour, nurtures very practical attitudes. With such a focus on academic performance, it’s vital that children are still encouraged to think creatively and shown that other traits and attributes are valuable.