Giving children the passion and belief that they can achieve their goals is so important. Even with strong academic knowledge and performance, finding one’s way in the world is challenging without the right attitudes and people skills.



With so many distractions for kids these days, it can be incredibly challenging to keep them focused and motivated on one task. Of course, when children are three or fours years of age, this might not seem to be a major issue.

In fact, if you’re always trying to keep them occupied to free up your time, handing over the iPhone or iPad, is such a simple solution. The problem with modern games, apps, and kids TV shows, is that they’re designed to be addictive and keep them motivated to keep playing or watching.

This creates a problem when you’re encouraging them to read or study as they get a little older. The go from having the internet at their fingertips and their media consumption on demand, to having to read and write something that is not all that awe-inspiring!

The short attention spans developed in both children and adults, today, makes creating motivation to stick to a task or project more important than ever.

Of course, it’s not just motivation to stick with a task that is so important…


Another challenge is to create the desire to achieve a certain goal. With the right role models and inspiration, children will have more chance of being motivated in their endeavours.

Where to find this inspiration is quite tricky.

In sport, it is very easy. We can easily turn the TV to any sporting event to show an aspiring athlete or footballer the individuals right at the top of their game. But what about successful individuals who aren’t on the TV or in the limelight? These can be harder to explain to kids.

Runners at the starting line. Athletes are great examples of inspirational role models for kids

Often times, we tend to point to successful people in whatever arena we hope to inspire children in. However, this can often be without context and there’s no clue as to how these people reached their pinnacle. With sportspeople, we know they trained hard, practiced, and probably had some good genetics. With successful professionals and, in particular, business people, it’s not quite as obvious.


How to find role models for kids

It’s important that children understand that it’s not just success that matters; it’s the journey. Being obsessed with success can mean individuals become disheartened when things don’t go right first time. In reality, most successful people failed┬ámiserably, over and over again before the succeeded.

Try to find role models who aren’t yet world-famous icons – people who are still on their journey to greatness. Seeing the hard work and failures is a great way to inspire and motivate kids.